A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too many lives at risk....

     This week has been an emotional week at the shelter.  So many dogs coming in and the shelter is OVER CAPACITY!  You know what this means?  In order to make space for incoming dogs........dogs are euthanized.  That's the sad truth.  As a volunteer I've received several emails this week with what we call "urgent lists."  These are dogs that have anywhere from 1-3 days to find rescue, foster, or be adopted.  Otherwise.....they are put down.  My heart is breaking for these dogs.  Now don't try and comfort yourself by thinking "oh, they're probably dogs that are really old or sick or aggressive."  Nope sorry, that's not the case.  Or you're thinking "oh they're probably all pit bulls."  Welp that's not the case either.  Shepherds, labs, boxers, terriers, chihuahas......wonderful dogs at risk of losing their lives. 
     So what do we do?  We network.  Volunteers, shelter staff, rescue groups all come together to get the word out about these dogs.  Facebook is our main source.  We are constantly posting pictures, videos, bios, and our own experiences with these dogs.  Pleading for everyone to "share," hoping that just the right person will see that post and step forward to help us out.  It's exhausting, more emotionally than physically.  Our hearts bleed for these dogs knowing that there are only a precious number of hours until they are taken out of their kennel for the final time.  Not to go for a walk outside, not to jump in car with a new family, not to get their picture taken......but to walk through those doors and down the hall to the room.  The room where they will take their last breaths.
    We are so thankful to all the rescue groups and foster families that help us out in these times of need.  Don't blame the shelter, blame ignorance in the community.  People must understand that their pets need to be spayed/neutered in order to control the pet population.  So many puppies and kittens this year....unbelievable.  And people need to know that pet stores and breeders are not their only option!!!!!  I talked to someone the other day with the cutest American Bull Dog puppy....from a breeder of course......EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?  This is why breeders are still in business.  I've seen numerous American Bull Dogs in our shelter!  For less than a hundred dollars!  So frustrating.
     However, even with all the urgent lists this week, there have been lots of moments of celebration.  Everytime I've gotten on to Facebook I've seen another rescue that has pulled one of our dogs or another person who has taken in a foster, even when they already have several dogs at home.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have helped this week.  Dog lovers as dedicated as us are definitely a different breed!  But we can go to sleep at night knowing that we have done our best to make a difference.  Our goal is to reach more and more people, and to show them why we are so passionate about these dogs' lives.  One of my best friends knows how strongly I feel about these dogs and she surprised me with a present this week......an item with a special quote embroidered on it....."In a perfect world, every dog would have home and every home would have a dog."  Wouldn't that be wonderful.....

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