A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What and Why is Fostering Important...

Fostering is, quite simply, bringing a dog into your home and loving it like a member of your family until they are ready to find their furever people.  Fostering might not be for everyone, but before anyone completely writes off opening their home to a dog or cat in need, they should have as much information about it as possible.  

Anyone who’s ever fostered an animal has heard this statement, “I could never do that, it’d be way too hard for me to give them up.”  I’m not going to lie, it has been hard for me every time, but so rewarding.  I have been able to find great homes for 2 of my foster dogs and I am looking forward to finding the perfect home for my current pup.  Please keep the below information in mind when making the decision to foster.

First and foremost it is important that everyone in your household is on board.  Having a dog can be a lot of work.  Feeding time, play time, walks, medications, picking up toys and other, well “stuff” – as a foster parent, you’ll be responsible for all of these things.  Make sure everyone in the house realizes this, and is willing to help pitch in. 

Having a strong support system makes it a lot easier.  KC Pet Project has great resources, volunteers and staff to help you if you decide you’d like to join the wonderful world of dog fostering.  Both the KC Pet Project Volunteer Facebook page and KC Foster Pet Network Facebook page are great resources to ask any questions or get advice for your foster.  There are trainers available if you need help and a foster coordinator to inform you about adoption events and how to get your foster adopted.  Below is a great example of one of how our volunteers can be helpful and share insights on their own foster situations.  Heather Bauer is a foster mom extraordinaire and you can see her advice on how she handles her foster dogs…
Hi All! I've had many people ask me recently how I logistically keep my fosters in my house, and keep everybody happy and sane at the same time;). Thought this might help some that are considering fostering, but just don't know how they'd manage to do it all...
I keep all my fosters in my basement, in crates. It's a basic basement, nothing fancy at all. I always keep a light (of some sort) on, and a radio playing. This seems to keep them pretty soothed throughout the day and night. I always have at least one foster, and 2 other dogs in my house, Macey (a foster failure chow from KCMO) and Harley (another chow mix from Broward County shelter in FL)...I walk or run all the dogs in the morning, and also at night...separately. My dogs have the run of the main floor all day, then I let them out in the back yard at night. My fosters always go in the front yard. They NEVER interact unless I let them. I feed them separately, walk, treats, etc.
I recommend to ANYONE if you can't adopt a dog or cat at this time, to PLEASE FOSTER!! You may only have your foster for a few weeks, may be longer. Fostering is one of the most rewarding things you can possibly do with your free time. Not only are you saving lives, you're fulfilling them with a new found love that many have never known. Beyond that, it brings to you a joy and pride that you just can't get anywhere else.  To apply to be a foster parent just visit the KC Pet Project website and fill out your foster application.  The foster coordinator will contact you within the next few days.  Once you get your dog or cat all you have to do is LOVE them.  You'll be able to take them to FUN adoption events, which not only helps socialize the dog, but you can also meet other foster parents, just like yourself, and compare notes;)  Lots of TLC and love will help your foster get adopted in no time!

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  1. Today, my foster dog for the past 9 days was reunited with her owners. The dog was stolen from it's home three weeks ago. AC picked her up over 15 miles away. After AC's mandatory hold, dog went to rescue and into my foster home for adoption. Today, family happened to be in store where we were doing an adoption event. They happened to see dog and dog saw them...reunited and it feels so good!