A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The BEST Feeling...saving a life!

It was just three days ago, that yet another urgent list was sent out.  The shelter is full again, people are surrendering their dogs, animal control is seizing dogs from abandoned homes and yards.  The KCMO shelter is only built to hold so many dogs, so here we are again, reaching out trying to save lives and move dogs for space.  18 dogs made the list and these dogs aren't bad dogs, they didn't ask for this, they have no idea their days are numbered.  The shelter environment is just not the place for them.  Some may have slight aggression issues, some have just too much energy for staying in a kennel all day, some have medical issues and need more care.  

I was sad to see my Hansel on that list and it didn't take 20 minutes to decide that he was coming home with me.  He is doing fine with my dog and getting the attention he needs.  And then there were 17.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to see so many wonderful people pull together to save these dogs.  People networking on Facebook, rescues that are already full still taking in dogs, people opening up their homes to foster or calling on friends to adopt.  It has been so wonderful to see these dogs make it, but there are still just 5 more left!

How can you help save a life?  SPREAD THE WORD, click SHARE on your Facebook!  It is that simple.  13 dogs are safe because of it.  Help us save these dogs....

Tyson - Pit Bull, M, 1-3 ys, HW neg.
At first Tyson seems a bit on the cautious side inside of his cage, watching and responding little to a soft voice.  Tyson is very overwhelmed in his cage and sometimes shakes.  You need only to open up his cage and slip a leash on him and he perks right up, ready to go outside. He responds to gentle touch and was comfortable to eat and accept treats from strangers. He seems to enjoy running and exploring on his leash. He showed some touch sensitivity in handling his back feet, moving him around by the collar and attempting to hug him, but he merely tenses up and pulls away from you. He shows no signs of possessive and/or guarding behavior. 

Jolly – Pit Bull, M, 1-3 yrs, HW neg.
If someone is looking for a sweet, gentle and playful pit bull mix, then Jolly is the one for them. He is calm and polite inside of his kennel and easy to walk on a leash as he walks with minimal pulling. The only areas in which he showed sensitivity were his paws and attempting to lead him by the collar, he tensed up and resisted, but showed no signs of outward aggression. He was confident enough to accept food and treats and shows no signs of guarding behavior.  Jolly is dog friendly.

Grace - Older, F, 4-6 yrs, HW pos, not good on intake
Grace is a mellow, affectionate girl who loves to just sit and be petted. She responds well to positive training, a gentle voice and soft touches. She is tolerant of other dogs but seems to prefer people. She is quick to give corrections to any over exuberant dog who becomes too pushy. She allowed all touching and handling and showed no signs of aggression and/or possessive behavior but staff had to interact slowly. She is cautious but a bit curious of cats. Grace is heartworm positive, but eligible for heartworm treatment through the shelter program.

Hannah - Shar Pei X, F, 1-3 yrs, HW neg.
Hannah is a very intelligent, very active little Chinese shar-pei mix. She loves to explore outside and play with her human friends.  She allows all touching and handling and will even roll over and give you her belly once she is comfortable. Her very high energy level may be too much for some dogs. She is friendly and well meaning, 
but can be a bit pushy with other more mellow dogs.  We have been able to introduce her to some dogs while others she’s been too overstimulated.  She needs a slow introduction to other dogs.

Cranberry - Pit Bull X, F, 1-3 yrs. HW pos. 
Cranberry is a quiet, gentle girl who walks well on a leash with minimal pulling. She seems to enjoy being around people and being spoken to in a soft voice. She will lean against you and invite petting and stroking. She is relaxed and friendly with other dogs, although she is quick to give a correction if any play gets out of hand. She seems to prefer dogs who are more mellow like she is. She allowed all touching and handling and showed no signs of aggression and/or possessive behavior. Cranberry is heartworm positive, but eligible for heartworm treatment through the shelter program.

PLEASE - spread the word and help save a life,
it only takes a few minutes!

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