A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deserving Dogs...

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY...150 days. Can you imagine how frustrated and stressed a dog might become after being in a shelter for over 5 months?  These four dogs arrived at the KCMO shelter back in 2012.  They all have their own personalities and characteristics that make them wonderful dogs.  What they all have in common is they have become frustrated and aren't showing well in their kennels.  Their behavior in the kennels can be intimidating to potential adopters and they are just passing them by.  There is a perfect family for each of these dogs and they are more than deserving of a new home.  To help these dogs and the new adopters, a generous donor will sponsor training classes for each of these four dogs!!!  I am hoping this blog will give more people insight into how great these four are and will help them find homes.

**Awesome Avery, 1-3 yr old Boxer Mix**

October 2nd, more than 7 months ago, Avery was brought to the shelter as a stray.  Avery is a good medium sized dog, around 40lbs. Her breed is a boxer mix, but it would be very interesting to see what a DNA test would classify her as. Avery has always been a little stiff when she sees other dogs. There has been a time or two when the staff at KCPP has been able to match her up with another dog.  There was a short time that Avery was brought into a foster home, but unfortunately the dog in the home was not a match with Avery.  Ideally we would want Avery to be the only pet in the home.

There is a lot of stimulation for the dogs at the shelter and Avery has a tough time connecting with adopters when they first meet her. She wants to see everything that is going on and explore her environment.  She has a fun personality and will play and let you love on her, but it takes some time. She has done nothing to make the staff feel she would be bad with kids - she has a soft mouth, she does not care about offered treats (candy, nuts, hot dogs, anything), and she is not toy motivated.  Obviously any potential adopter would want to bring kids or other pets that would be sharing a home with Avery to see if it is a match.  Avery does have heart worms. Thankfully the shelter has great donors and there will be financial assistance to help with her treatment.  Please watch the below video to see her personality in action and click Avery's picture to read her bio and learn more about her...


**Amazing Anastasia, 1-3 yr old Pit Bull Mix** 

It is really hard to be a black dog in a shelter, let alone a black pit bull. Anastasia arrived at the shelter on Oct 23rd as a public drop off.  7 months ago, Anastasia was a healthy 50lbs and enjoying life.  Anastasia's kennel behavior is very upsetting to most of us volunteers.  She stresses herself out and you rarely see her relaxed.  She has lost some weight because of it.  The staff has been able to move her around to help lower her stress level, but the shelter is just not a place for a girl like Ana.  She has become a volunteer favorite to so many and has a special place in our hearts.  Lucky for Ana, a volunteer brings her home for a dogs day out once a week.  You wouldn't believe it was the same dog...

"Anastasia is well behaved when she comes home with me. Completely potty trained, no doubt. She doesn't really bark. I have to keep her in her own room because Large Marge is such a sassy female dog, although we do walk together; me with Ana and my husband with Marge and they do quite well. She is not destructive or crazy in her room and is very receptive and reciprocating to any attention. She picked up on the Pit Bull EDU so quickly especially considering she doesn't live with me. She needs to be able to express her loving side and just can't do it in the shelter setting. I think being classified as a Pit really sucks for her because she lacks the desirable Pit traits, like the stocky compact body. She is more a ballerina than a bully breed. Hopefully the new pics will help her out.  I love this dog and I know she would be such a great and faithful companion. She is such a good girl, she loves the rubbery squeakies and likes to play fetch with them. I think since she is plain and black and poopy and she has just been neglected."

If we could just get potential adopters to see past her kennel behavior I think she would have a chance.  The kennel life has just frustrated her, like many other dogs.  We are all routing for her and cheering her on, hoping that someday soon she will find that perfect match she has been waiting for! 
Click on Ana's picture to read her bio and watch her true personality below!  


**Wonderful Wendall, 5 yr old Pit Bull Mix**

Oh Wendall, we love him so.  This mature looking brindle boy came to the shelter back on Nov. 6th.  We were all shocked at the spunk and personality this guy had.  He is definitely one to watch when you get him out of his kennel.  He can't wait to smell that fresh air and play!  Wendall came to the shelter as a cruelty case.  He was found tied up and know one seemed to know who he belonged to.  Wendall's new home became the shelter.  It was obvious that someone worked with him.  The trainer on staff says, "Wendall is the most trained dog in the shelter. He knows sit, down, roll over, etc,"  You read it right, a handsome brindle PIT BULL is the most trained dog at the shelter.  We think that helped him find a home originally back in February.  A nice family who adopted a Pit bull from KCMO previously, came to find a companion and Wendall seemed to be the perfect fit.  The introduction between the two dogs went well and they fell in love with him just like all of us volunteers.  We were super happy for the boy, but as you can see he is back with us now.

The family was able to give us some information that will help us in finding Wendall he next home that will be the right fit.  Wendall can be pretty dominant with other dogs and after months of being at the shelter it is decided that Wendall be an only dog home.  He is a smart boy and is eager to learn and would do best with older children.  His first adopters had a one year old who wanted to be friendly with Wendall.  Wendall prefers to not be manhandled by toddlers and likes the respect older kids can give him =)  At the shelter, Wendall shoots out of his kennel like a blast, but he is a very fun and happy dog when he gets to the play yards. He will play "throw the ball" in the air and is very loving. He really loves a back rub too!  We would really like to see this handsome man find someone who wants to keep his mind working and give him attention and exercise daily.  Click Wendall's photo to read his bio and watch how cute he is below...

**Studly Gavin, 1 yr old Pit Bull Mix**

We are all still wondering why this handsome boy hasn't found a home yet.  Gavin arrived at the shelter back on Dec 17th as a stray boy.  He has the fun personality, he is playful and he is so studly looking with his brindle coat and cute ears.  Gavin serious face in the pictures is usually because he is focusing on a treat that he is waiting to get.  He is a great listener and will do what he can for attention.  He will be your best friend as long as you keep a supply of bones or if you give him a Nylabone and he's good to go!!!

Unfortunately, his kennel behavior isn't that great just like the others.  This boy is eager to get your attention so you will let him get outside for some fresh air.  You can usually see him throwing around his food or water bowl, silly boy!  Gavin does need to be an only pet, but he loves people of all ages and sizes. He is a very sweet boy that loves to play and chew on bones and Kongs.  He is a spunky dog who just needs the exercise and attention to keep him happy and thriving.  Volunteers have said, "He is also very smart. When you come to his cage with the leash he waits to be leashed and then jumps out of his cage. When he is done in the play yard and ready to get back to his bone he waits at the gate. When you take him in he tries to jump into his kennel but needs a little help."  This young boy has a lot of life ahead of him and we are desperately wanting it to be in a fantastic home.  He truly has a lot to offer and would make anyone's day better.  Click Gavin's picture to read his bio and watch how great he is at sitting below...

All of these dogs have so much to offer.  The staff at KC Pet Project makes sure these dogs get out daily for exercise and stimulation.  The best place for these dogs is a loving home where they can get  more of that attention and training to make them the dogs that we know they can be.  Please share their stories, they are ready and waiting for their forever home!