A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Monday, May 21, 2012

In Memory of Tina

Tina's Story...

Where to begin…filled with emotions thinking about this precious girl.  I can only imagine the way she was treated just by looking at her scarred up body and filed down teeth.  How could anyone be so cruel?!?  The story of Tina quickly spread amongst the volunteers.  I knew she would break my heart, but wanted to make sure she knew that there are good people in this world.  Even with all the pain and misery she must have gone through she still gave kisses and was one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet.  The week she was at the shelter she felt love and kindness.  Volunteers spent time with her and she showed her gratitude with kisses.  

I am sad to say that we lost sweet Tina today.  She had to be euthanized after she was found today bleeding from her nose and had a high fever of 107 degrees.  Staff thinks it was pneumonia.  The sadness is overwhelming as so many volunteers rallied around her and pulled together $125 to find her a happy loving home.  At least she knows that people loved her and wanted her to have a great life.  She will be missed as she made her mark on so many of us.

Here is a video and she ended it with a kiss! 

I will be back again next weekend making sure so many other dogs feel the love that Tina did…

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