A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Help Hoya find a Home

I have been volunteering at the KCMO shelter for almost 4 years and I have seen MANY dogs; all shapes, sizes, breeds and personalities.  There have been so many that have taken a piece of my heart and special ones I won't ever forget.  I recently met another one that I can't stop thinking about - my boy Hoya!

Hoya's story starts on Oct 17th when he first arrived at the shelter. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Hoya back then, but someone from the public found him running around and dropped him off at the shelter as a stray.  No one ever came for him so he became available for adoption.  The trainer described him as an active young male who is both friendly and social.  He seemed to ignore cats and did ok with some dogs and needed to learn a few manners.  Hoya stayed at the shelter until he was adopted in the beginning of December.  His time was short with his new family and he was brought back maybe 2 weeks later =(


I CANNOT say enough fabulous things about this Boxer mix.  Hoya is so stinkin handsome.  He is totally housetrained, he knows the commands "sit", "shake" and "down".  When harnessed on a leash he is a breeze to walk.  He will sit pretty and enjoy the world with you.  He does fantastic in the car.  He can be picky with his dog friends, but I am sure out of the stressful environment Hoya will know no strangers.  He is a total lovebug and will melt your heart.

Right now Hoya is really struggling with being stuck in a kennel all day.  He is stressing himself out, pacing and barking.  He seems to barely eat and is on alert all day long.  He can't seem to relax at all.  Today I took him from the Zona Rosa location to the shelter for a little bit of a break.  He had a nice peaceful car ride and enjoyed the one on one time.  We were able to let him play with a couple of dogs to try and wear him out.  I really tried to show him off to potential adopters, but today wasn't his day.  He finally took a little nap on the way back to Zona, I was happy to see him tired.  I tried hard not to cry when I left him today, but I just want the best for him.  I will be back at Zona tomorrow to spend more time with his precious face! 

Hoya is absolutely wonderful and I know there is the perfect family for him, they just don't know that he is at Zona waiting for them.  If anyone is looking for AWESOMENESS, please tell them about Hoya.  He deserves lots of love and attention!!!