A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pretty Pittie Princesses!

It can be pretty easy for a dog to get overlooked in a high intake shelter. For a pretty Pit Bull Terrier it happens often. There are some fantastic ladies that have stolen the hearts of many volunteers, and I wanted to share their stories. They are all special in their own way, and it would be so great for them to find forever homes.

Calm, classy Cleopatra is available for adoption at our Zona Rosa location. The volunteers can’t say enough great things about her. I don’t know any volunteer who isn’t cheering her on to find her forever home. She is such a beauty, is easy going and wants nothing more than to be your best friend. Check out her profile here: http://bit.ly/1vVoQSd

 My name is Cleopatra, and you won't find a more laid back girl than me. I don't know anyone who hasn't fallen in love with me yet. I am always happy to meet new people and do my happy dance when I see you. I like to snuggle and go for walks, and would love to be your best friend. I am house trained, kennel trained, love kids, and am more than ready to find my forever home. I keep dreaming about snuggling on the couch with my wonderful family and giving them plenty of kisses to show my appreciation. I really want to have my own family to myself, so hopefully you don't have any other pets. I have a lot of love to give and if you want an easy going gal to spend your days with, come meet me.

Cleo’s dream home would include:
  • A soft bed where she can cuddle with her new parents
  • A wonderful kid to call her best forever friend
  • Never-ending snuggles
 What you need to know about Cleo:
  • 8 ½-year-old Pit Bull mix
  • House trained with a medium energy level
  • Loves to be around kids
  • Would be best as the only pet
 Why Cleopatra is a volunteer favorite:
  • Her laid back personality
  • The happy dance she does when she meets new people
  • Her perfect energy level

Dazzling Dinah is currently in foster care. She was such a patient gal trying to show off for any potential adopters at our Zona Rosa location. Lucky for Dinah, a special volunteer fell in love with her and brought Dinah into her home to foster. This wonderful volunteer has learned just how amazing Dinah is. All she wants is to be loved and have a few back scratches here and there. Dinah’s personality shines when she is in a home, and she would love to find a forever home with someone soon! Check out her profile here: http://bit.ly/1omS5wl

Do you see that dazzling smile? My name is Dinah and I am a sweet, gentle, friendly gal looking for my forever home. I have already stolen the hearts of the KCPP staff and volunteers. They are all so happy with how far I have come. I used to be shy and scared of strangers, but now I talk to everyone. I love yummy treats and stretching my legs is something I have grown to love. I consider myself a lapdog and want nothing more than to give and receive love. I am eager to please and have learned some basic commands already. I really enjoy the outdoors, and my ideal family would want to take me on daily walks or jogs. We could play some tug of war with my favorite rope toy (I never lose!), and at the end of the day I would cuddle up with you and take a nice nap on the couch while you deliver wonderful belly rubs. It would be best for me to be with older children, as the unpredictable movements of small kids sometimes frighten me. If possible, I would also really like to be your only pet. If you have another dog we can do an intro to see if it can work, but I really prefer low energy dogs that know how to give me my space. Will you come meet your new best friend and cuddle buddy today?!?

Dinah’s dream home would include:
  • A comfy couch for afternoon naps
  • A daily walk or jog to get some fresh air
  • Her favorite rope toy for some tug of war 
  •  LOTS OF LOVE and back scratches!
What you need to know about Dinah:
  • 7 ½-year-old Pit Bull mix
  • House trained with a medium energy level
  • She thinks she is a 52 lb lap dog
  • Would be best as the only pet
 Why Dinah is a volunteer favorite:
  • Beautiful smile
  • Sweet and spunky personality
  • Always has a bounce in her step
  • Smart girl who knows how to sit pretty

Cutie Pie Conley is looking for her forever home at our main shelter location. This playful girl is easy to fall in love with. She prefers long walks and iwalks better on the leash each time. Toys are her favorite, and she can entertain herself for hours with a squeaker toy. She is pretty great at fetch too! There is a lot going on at the shelter, and Conley sometimes gets distracted. However, after spending one on one time with you, she will show you her loving personality and how happy she is to have you around. I know she would be so grateful to have a home to call her own. Check out her profile here: http://bit.ly/10bJ4ve

It doesn't get much cuter than this face. My name is Conley and if you are looking for some personality, I might be the dog for you! I am an outgoing girl who likes to be the center of attention. I am always happy and can entertain myself for hours with squeaky toys. I am pretty good at finding that hidden squeaker! I am an energetic, sweet and friendly girl. I have been working on my leash manners, but I am a big girl and can sometimes pull a little when I get excited. The trainers are working with me and integrating me into playgroup, and I have done pretty good with the boy dogs so far. The staff says I should meet any dogs before I get adopted just to make sure we can be friends forever. I have a lot going for me, I just need someone to take a chance on this pretty face. Come see me soon!

Conley’s dream home would include:
  • Daily adventures to keep her stimulated physically and mentally
  • Her very own toy box full of toys
  • A big back yard to play fetch in
What you need to know about Conley:
  • 3 ½-year-old Pit Bull mix
  • House trained with a medium energy level
  • Needs an intro with potential dog brothers or sisters
Why Conley is a volunteer favorite:
  • Her outgoing personality
  • That sweet face that makes you smile
  • Her curious nature and those ears!

Watch a video of Conley

Carefree, confident Carabina is a sight to see at our main shelter location. I don’t think there has ever been a time that I haven’t seen this girl happy. She has countless volunteers and staff that love her, and is attending training classes on Saturdays with a special volunteer who adores her. Carabina has proven that those pittie girls are resilient. She came in with a carabiner through her neck, hence her name. That is how she was tied up, through her neck! The thought of it just makes you hate people. When you meet Carabina, you would never know that she was treated this way. She loves everyone and her outlook on life is nothing but positive. She deserves a happily ever after, and we can’t wait to see her go to her forever home. Check out her profile here: http://bit.ly/1wvkukF

Love at first sight is guaranteed when you meet me. My name is Carabina, and there isn't a second of the day that you won't see that beautiful smile on my face. Happy, outgoing and playful are all words that best describe me. The volunteers love me, and the staff can't get enough of this adorable face. I am a total sweetheart and a love bug. I enjoy playing fetch and walk well on a leash. I think I have just the right amount of energy, and the trainers have been working me into playgroups with other dogs. I have had some success with dog friends, but I should definitely meet your dogs before you take me home. I have quite a past, but it is behind me now and I can't wait for my future forever home. I know my life is going to be awesome with whoever picks me, so what are you waiting for?! 

Carabina’s dream home would include:
  • A fun family that would give her tons of love
  • Lots of toys, especially tennis balls
  • A big cozy bed or a lap for her to sleep on
What you need to know about Carabina:
  • 2-year-old Pit Bull mix
  • Is attending training classes and should continue after she is adopted. We even offer free classes at the shelter!
  • Needs an intro with potential dog brothers or sisters
Why Carabina is a volunteer favorite:
  • She aims to please and loves to learn
  • Her happy face when she sees you
  • That playful personality and positive outlook on life
  • She is perfectly patient

Watch a video of Carabina

Darling Darla is to die for. She is in search of her forever home at the main shelter. This precious girl would make the perfect companion for some lucky person. She is totally laid back and would be an easy addition to your home. Darla is pretty anxious about finding a home because she is heart worm positive. She is ready for her treatment, and would recover best in a home rather than the stressful shelter. This girl is a piece of cake and she would cover you with kisses every day!

I am a great dog, at least that is what all the volunteers tell me =) My name is Darla, and if you are looking for a laid back lady to add to your home, I am perfect! I like to think of myself as a 50 lb couch potato. I am pretty mellow, but don’t mind a short jog here and there for some fresh air. I can hang out with you and your friends, sit on your lap and get some love and console you with lots of kisses when you’re having a bad day. I am very well behaved and promise to be a wonderful companion. I think it is important for you to know that I would really prefer to have you all to myself. If I could be your one and only that would make me the happiest pup in the world. All you really need is me in your life. I would really love a home soon so I can get my heartworm treatment. It is an easy process, and I can recover much quicker cuddling with you at home. Unconditional love is waiting for you, so come snatch me up soon!!

Darla’s dream home would include:
  • Lots of laps for her to snuggle in
  • Some wonderful doggie attire for her to model in
  • A nice  bed by the window for her to nap in

What you need to know about Darla:

  • 6-year-old Pit Bull mix
  • Heartworm positive, and can receive treatment through the shelter
  • Needs to be the only pet 

Why Darla is a volunteer favorite:

  • Her calm and gentle personality
  • The wonderful kisses she gives
  • She is so well behaved and easy to handle

  Please visit KC Pet Project and meet all the wonderful pitties we have available. They all deserve homes!