A Day with a Homeless Dog

A Day with a Homeless Dog

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Volunteer Love Story - Barb & Dru

I have to share a special love story about my friend Barb and her favorite girl Dru.  Barb has been a dedicated volunteer for quite some time now.  She is at the shelter walking dogs at least 6 out of the 7 days a week.  Her passion for dogs is right up there with mine.  I admire all that she does for the dogs and I wanted to make sure I to help her out by telling her story.  Barb is Drucilla's angel and they have a true bond.  We both hope that sharing this story will help Drucilla find her forever home...

When I first met Drucilla on October 8, 2012, she had a neck scar from an imbedded collar and she clearly had produced several offspring.  The good news is that the scar is now covered with hair and she has her girlish figure back.  My heart immediately softened toward her due to seeing she had some hardships but I wasn’t in love, YET.  I walked her a lot and as time passed, I became closer and closer to this girl.  Drucilla was not a dog who made eye contact with people or liked being petted or having any attention paid to her.  After about two months working with her, she changed.  Dru began making great eye contact and allowed me to pet her all over, give her hugs and kisses.  I will NEVER forget the first time she gave me a kiss.  It was much more memorable than the first time I was kissed!!!  She now trusted me and I WAS IN LOVE and so was Drucilla!   

Drucilla loves playing with tennis balls or stuffed toys in the play yard.  Before the trust was solidified, she pretty much entertained herself with the balls and toys.  But now Dru allows me to take the ball or toy from her mouth.  She rolls over on her back to get belly rubs and ignores where the toy is because she knows it will still be there for her.  This girl is so entertaining in the play yard.  She twists and turns and tosses those balls or toys in the air as if she were a dancer.  She also LOVES the snow.  Her favorite thing to do is to slide down a snowy incline on her belly or back.  When she looks at me with those deep brown eyes, her head tilted, ears perked, I just want to pick her up and take her home.  I sadly cannot because I have a very dog aggressive dog and a cat which Dru sees as “prey” (no cats please). 

I begin and end my day at the shelter with Drucilla.  She paces the kennel when she sees me.  You think that doesn’t hook me?????  Our shared walks, play times, hugs and kisses are a big part of both of our lives.  Dru is bright, learns quickly and now knows how to trust and love.  I envy the person who gets to share her life.  You just wait until the first time she gives you that look and a kiss.  You will be in love too.

Some info for potential adopters:  Drucilla can jump a 4 foot fence, no cats, no dogs,  good with children, preferably 9 or 10 years of age (at least in the beginning).  I think she could eventually be good with younger children once she gets acclimated to home life and trusts.  Dru also has arousal issues around other dogs.  Her state of mind and distance to the dog are two huge factors.  When Dru has released her energy and is calmer, she manages her arousal much better and she is also not reactive around all dogs. She does best when walked on a haltie.

You will ALWAYS be a part of my heart and soul. 


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